Custom Painting Commissions

Denis is happy to accept commissions and in fact most of his original work is commissioned. However, please be aware that there are certain guidelines that must be accepted by potential clients.

Commissions - Denis Mayer Jr. The client can decide on the subject matter in relation to the animal(s) required as the main subject(s) and can discuss with Denis what kind of setting would be preferred and from that Denis will create a rough-up/montage which he feels is appropriate and with which he is comfortable for presentation to the client. Both parties can then discuss any changes required and hopefully come to an agreement. Since Denis’s name will be on the finished product, he retains the right to disagree with suggestions that in his view will spoil the picture and reduce its value both aesthetically and monetarily.

Once the two parties reach an agreement on the presentation in general terms, a deposit will be required before the work can proceed. The timeline to completion will be very approximate since Denis will take whatever time he feels is necessary to produce a work of art with which he is completely satisfied. As the work progresses he will make any changes he feels necessary to portray the work in the best possible light and so the client must agree to give Denis the artistic licence he needs since he is the expert in these things and that is why his work is in great demand.

Commissions - Patience Is Rewarding

In no way must he feel pressured to complete the work within a set period of time, because pressure would spoil the whole experience and result in an inferior work that Denis would rather destroy than release. Depending on the size and composition of the work, it can take from six months to a year to complete but when it is, you the client have in your possession a true work of art that others will envy.

Upon completion of the work, Denis will present it to the client and at that time get a signed release from the client along with the remainder of the monies owed. The release form will include an acknowledgement that the copyright is retained by Denis and therefore the client cannot copy/reproduce the work in any form by any means whereas Denis can. The original will belong entirely to the client and Denis will no longer have any claim on it. The client may at his/her discretion lend the original for exhibition purposes if so asked.