Forever Wild


  • Canvas, Satin Finish
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included
  • Canvas Only (unstretched)


For decades wolves have been a great source of inspiration for many wildlife artists. It was not until I learnt more about their behaviour and especially fell in love with their various colours and fur patterns that envisioned this large 50" wide panoramic painting. As the painting progressed, I was reminded of the quality time I spend with my wife and three children and these four wolves became for me a living family on my canvas. Like my family, each one has its own specific personality and expression. One of them is watching another one chewing on a small branch but this scene could soon develop into a playful tug-of-war for ownership of that branch. Too often wolves are depicted only as ferocious killers but like us they too must hunt and eat to survive....that is nature's way. Tenderness and play is also a big part of their daily interaction. This painting took me well over 6 months to complete but it was well worth the time and the effort. I have never painted so many rocks in one painting but I think their presence adds the perfect complementary texture to this beautiful scene. I felt that the addition of ingredients such as these would show off these magnificent creatures in a unique but completely natural setting. Those of us who care must continue to play our part in saving the wildlife that still exists on this wonderful planet Earth. May the nobel wolf continue to live and hunt in our wilderness "Forever Wild" with the respect and protection of all future generations.

~ Denis Mayer Jr.


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Weight2.205 lbs
Dimensions37.992 × 12.008 × 4.016 in