Heart Warmer


  • Canvas, Satin Finish
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included
  • Canvas Only (unstretched)


Black-capped chickadees have melted the hearts of many, not only with their beauty but with their constant heart-warming chirping so often heard in our neighbourhoods. My goal in this painting was to portray their beauty in a simple setting so as to show how even the smallest creatures are precious and beautiful. These little guys always give me feelings of peace and tranquility. Last year in our own backyard we had the enviable privilege of watching them build a nest in our cherry tree. They completely ignored the beautiful little bird house we had provided for them so perhaps they were sending us a message. We need to quickly learn that nature and wildlife need to be left alone as it was always meant to be.

~ Denis Mayer Jr.


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Additional information

Weight2.205 lbs
Dimensions37.992 × 12.008 × 4.016 in