Piercing Spectacle


  • Canvas, Satin Finish
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included
  • Canvas Only (unstretched)


The Lynx, a member of the cat family, lives north of the equator, mostly in colder temperate zones around the earth from Alaska, Canada and the United States right across Asia to the eastern areas of Siberia. The Asian Lynx is quite large and can bring down a deer or boar while the Canada Lynx is the smallest of the lynx family and hunts mice, squirrels, and other small creatures. Its favourite meal however is the larger snowshoe hare and this forms a large part of its diet.

The Lynx can be mistaken for a Bobcat by those not too familiar with the differences between the two cats. However, on closer examination, it can be seen that whereas they both have almost no tail the Bobcat is smaller and slightly spotted and its ears are rounder than those of the Lynx. They both have black tufts of black hair on the tips of their ears but those on the Lynx are longer
and its ears are also more pointed in shape. These hairs increase the sensitivity of its hearing ability and it can hear the slightest sounds. Its eyesight is also extremely good and it can easily see a squirrel on a tree 100 meters away.

During the winter months when the white snowshoe hare is out on the snow and hard to see, the Lynx can easily set chase across the snow due to the fact that in winter, its feet are covered in a thick growth of course hair and it can spread its toes wide. Perhaps it should be called the Snowshoe Lynx. The hare also has these attributes, hence its name and so it can on rare occasions outwit and dodge the Lynx to escape down its burrow.

In painting this wonderful cat I have looked deeply into its eyes and tried to feel its very soul. I can sense that it is hearing a faint sound nearby and zeroing in on it before pouncing.

~ Denis Mayer Jr.


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