Time to Protect


  • Canvas, Satin Finish
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included


Time to Protect Painting by Canadian Wildlife Artist Denis Mayer Jr.

After seeing the documentary "Earth" I was truly inspired and emotionally committed to painting a mother polar bear in her natural habitat.

Like many other people, I had seen paintings depicted in snowy and icy conditions but my desire was to paint the subject in a Churchill Manitoba setting.

I have enjoyed painting twigs, grass and rocks, so a Churchill Manitoba scenery was attractive and enticing. I deliberately painted a mother with only one cub to emphasize the effects that the climate changes have had on the polar bear population.

In optimal conditions, it is usual for a polar bear to give birth to up to three cubs. Recently, however, we have seen dramatic changes in the number of births due to the hostile environment. This portrayal of the mother and cub is representative of what a mother has to do to protect her only living cub as well as serving as a reminder to next generations to respect and protect these magnificent white giants of our cold, northern lands.

How can one resist the love in the eyes of the cub begging for protection?

We all need to take action now!

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Weight 2.205 lbs
Dimensions 37.992 × 12.008 × 4.016 in
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